Coming Soon!

The completely unique, patented design of the TugNBrush makes your dog believe you have come to engage in some interactive tug-toy play.  You sly dog!  As your dog bites down on the sturdy cylinder, the soft nubs gently massage your dog’s gums and removes gunk and grime.  The center of the cylinder is equipped with doggie tongue scrubbers designed to freshen breath.  But the real magic happens when you engage our patented brushing technology—the fully encased brush slides back and forth across your dog’s tongue and teeth when you push and pull on the rope.  You will bond with your canine companion and make great memories while tending to a daily chore that used to be such a hassle that most people just give up even trying.  Brushing has never been more fun. Any inquiries please email us at HELLO@THETUGNBRUSH.COM